Eye and Eye

Created at Roktowa in Kingston, Jamaica as part of the K.O.T.E. festival. Featuring the huge personality and exquisite furniture craftsmanship of Christopher Mark Jones

In Bed

In Bed is an interactive projection based installation speaking on the feelings of lonliness, intimacy and affection.


Momentum is a site-specific installation set in a stairway. As a viewer approaches the stairs to start their descent, a projected image of a human silhouette begins to materialize at the base. As the viewer begins to walk down the stairs, the image then begins to walk up the stairs toward them.

Glitch - Work In Progress

Glitch is a work in progress dance performance involving interactive multimedia elements. Motion tracking and interactive projections are integrated seamlessly to create a visually rich dance piece. The work explores personal relationships in time in the perspectives of past, present and future.